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Taste, nutrition and value: Welch’s showcases triple benefits of Concord grape ingredients at SupplySide West Expo 2017

Innovative applications for Concord grape ingredients in the nutrition category will be the key focus for Welch’s Global Ingredients Group at SupplySide West Expo (Las Vegas, 27-28 September 2017). Among the main attractions on the company’s booth (#R169) will be FruitWorx real fruit pieces. These delicious and wholesome Concord grape bites are perfect ingredients for [...]

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Vine dining: New recipes unlock mealtime potential for grape ingredients

Delicious sweet and savory meals made with Concord and Niagara grape solutions are set to be the main focus for Welch’s Global Ingredients Group at the IFT17 Food Expo (Las Vegas, June 26-28, 2017). Mouth-watering breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert recipes – made specially for the event by a creative culinologist – will showcase the [...]

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American-grown fruit adds appeal to juices in China, research shows

Fruit juices made from ingredients grown in the USA are highly appealing to many Chinese Millennial fruit juice drinkers, according to new consumer research. In a survey of 300 Chinese fruit juice drinkers aged 18-35, commissioned by America-based Concord grape juice producer Welch’s Global Ingredients Group, respondents were asked to choose indicators of a high [...]

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100% fruit juice retains its health halo, research shows

Millennial fruit juice drinkers in Europe overwhelmingly view 100% fruit juice as a healthy beverage, according to the findings of a new, independent consumer survey conducted by Concord grape juice supplier Welch’s Global Ingredients Group1. Researchers asked 300 French and German fruit juice drinkers aged 18-35 a range of questions in a bid to learn [...]

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Concord and Niagara grape products take center-stage for Welch’s Global Ingredients Group at IFT17

Welch’s Global Ingredients Group will showcase its extensive portfolio of Concord and Niagara grape products at the forthcoming IFT17 (Nevada, Las Vegas, June 25-28, 2017). Concord and Niagara grapes are grown in North America by Welch’s nearly 1,000 family farmers and both are true American superfruits. The Concord grape is a distinctive dark purple grape [...]

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‘Snackification’ of Mealtimes Is Now Widespread Among Millennials

‘Snackification’ of mealtimes is now widespread among Millennials, researchers find New survey reveals behaviors and preferences of Millennials who snack regularly Most American Millennial snackers eat a snack in place of a standard meal at least once a week, a new survey reveals*. Researchers in the US questioned snackers between the ages of 18 and [...]

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