Wine Ingredients
powered by Welch's

Welch’s famous grape juices are now available for production of Concord
and Niagara wines, as well as for use as fillers and base wines.

Made from grapes grown on family-owned farms across America, our single-strength juices are the perfect option for winemakers looking to reduce costs but not quality.

Concord and Niagara juices are sold all year round from our facilities in the states of Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York. With this unique footprint – and our 40+ million gallons of bulk storage – we offer regional winemakers an opportunity to save on both storage and freight and to take advantage of our operational efficiencies.

Our innovation pipeline means we currently have, and continue to develop, solutions that are perfect for blending into a broad range of wine styles, from crisp, light whites to reach, hearty reds – and everything else in between.

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