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A True American Superfruit

The unforgettable taste of the Concord grape is a result of where it’s grown.

Concord grapes thrive in harsh growing conditions and unique micro-climates, such as those found near larger bodies of water.

They were first cultivated as long ago as 1849 in Concord, Massachusetts,by Ephraim Wales Bull.

Bull wanted to create a grape variety that could withstand the colder climate of the American northeast. And more than 160 years after he succeeded in doing so, the Concord grape is now grown across North America.

In fact, it is a true American superfruit!

Because of the special conditions needed, Welch’s Concord grape vineyards aren’t found in California but instead in areas such as New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Washington and Ontario, Canada.

The window for picking Concord grapes is fairly short – just a few weeks in the fall. All the grapes must meet high quality standards before they are selected for juicing.

Once picked, the grapes are assessed for quality, and then only the very best are selected for pressing into juice. This is done within just 8 hours of harvesting, locking in the grape’s perfectly ripe flavor and health benefits.

Growing Concord grapes, and making juice from them, requires care and expertise. But just like the millions of people who love Welch’s Concord grape-based products, we think it’s most definitely worth it!

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