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Benefits of Concord Grape Juice

The Benefits of Concord Grape Juice 

The health-promoting plant nutrients – or polyphenols – in Concord grapes not only give them their signature purple color, they can also deliver benefits to promote health.

Nearly 20 years of research shows that, thanks to the Concord grape, 100%grape juice helps support a healthy heart. In fact, Concord grape juice delivers many of the same polyphenols and heart-health benefits as red wine.

Research shows that one way Concord grape juice can help support a healthy heart is by promoting healthy circulation. Studies suggest that Concord grapes may stimulate the production of nitric oxide, which helps relax and dilate arteries. Relaxed and dilated arteries can contribute to healthy circulation, keeping your blood pumping and energy flowing.

Researchers have also begun actively investigating the role of Concord grape juice in other benefit areas, including cognitive health.

The research in this area is emerging, yet science has begun to suggest that Concord grapes may offer certain health benefits for the mind and memory.

You can find out more about the health and well being benefits of Concord grape juice in our white paper. Just click here to download it free of charge.

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Remember that any claimed health effects should be checked for compliance if being considered for use in the labeling or advertising of foods intended for delivery to the final consumer.

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